It’s November already

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November 6, 2012 by matt bortmess

Wow, life has a way of passing by quickly, doesn’t it? It’s already November, and at our house, we’re knee deep in school projects and sniffling kids.

WIth November comes Diabetes Awareness Month. Some wear blue on Fridays to mark it. Others wear the blue circle pin. But I’ve chosen to wear a tattoo.

This past spring I got this tattooed on my left forearm to do two things: 1) to remind me to fight each day for a cure for diabetes for my kids and 2) to let others know about it.

It was my first and only tattoo (so far), and I’ll be honest, it hurt. But as that vibrating needle gun was poking me over and over and making me get a little sweaty and clammy, I remembered that my kids poke themselves multiple times each day to check their blood sugar and to attach their insulin pump sites. I could endure a little bit of discomfort so that I could proudly show my support for my kids and the thing they have to live with each day. I love them! And I think they’re proud to know that I did this just for them.

And so for this November…I have hope for a cure. A cure for my kids. And a cure for the millions of other kids and adults that live each day with Type 1 Diabetes.


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