Keeping those sites on is hard work!


October 16, 2012 by matt bortmess

So I’ve got a dilemma: how to best adhere the sites of my daughter’s Medtronic pump and my son’s OmniPod.

We’ve used SkinTac wipes for our son. They seem to work pretty well, but the solution is extremely sticky and hard to remove after we change sites.

For our daughter we usually use ReliaMed Skin-Prep wipes, and they work great when she has her site on her bum, but they just don’t hold up when on her arm. After one day on her arm, her site is barely holding on.

So I’d love some feedback. What do you use most often and would you recommend as the best solution?


4 thoughts on “Keeping those sites on is hard work!

  1. For the Medtronic sites, we have used IV Prep wipes and when those didn’t seem to be enough, tincture of benzoin. We had more issues with quicksets sticking. We have since switched to mios and have not had an issue. My daughter is an avid swimmer and is in a pool about 4 times a week for a minimum of 2 hours. Haven’t had one come out yet. That’s with the mio and nothing else. Good luck.

  2. Angela Major says:

    For awhile my daughter’s skin chemistry was such that she couldn’t keep a Mio on for more than a day and a half, especially on her arms. We tried *everything* but the only thing that worked was applying a liquid adhesive (Mastisol) directly to her skin, but it made removal more difficult and would sometimes giver her skin irritation as well.

    Thankfully her skin has changed again and they are sticking a lot better. Now we just pop the Mio directly on the skin and cover it with an IV-3000, which I order from Medtronic.

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