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May 31, 2012 by matt bortmess

Our family made a two-day trip to Kansas City this Memorial Day weekend to visit friends. This was our first trip with two insulin pumps. With four kids, the van was well packed with dvds, nintendo ds-s and pillows & blankets. But also in the back of the van with the luggage was our diabetes supply kit…something we don’t go overnight without.

Here’s what we packed in the diabetes tub for the trip:

  • 4 OmniPod pods (we were still in our first week of learning to live w/ the OmniPod)
  • 2 MiniMed Mio infusion sets & reservoirs
  • Humalog for Colin
  • Novalog for Aubrey
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Prep wipes
  • Adhesive Remover wipes
  • Spray & Stretch spray (topical anesthetic for when attaching A’s infusion sets)
  • box of Freestlye strips
  • box of Freestyle Lite strips
  • Ketostix
  • syringes
  • lancets
  • AAA batteries for pump
  • lithium battery for meter
  • glucagon kit
  • self-sticking wrap to cover Colin’s pod (helps it to not get knocked off as easily)
  • extra juice boxes for low blood sugars

All that for two days! Good thing I packed plenty of infusion sets for the MiniMed and pods for the OmniPod as both kids needed multiple changes… a little too much fun in the swimming pool, I guess!

What do you pack in your travel kit that we’re missing? We have a little bit of extra room left in ours!


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