those little strips


May 23, 2012 by matt bortmess

i find them everywhere.

on the bathroom floor.

on the kitchen floor.

a lone one sits on the dresser.

under the cushions of the couch.

and under the cushions of the love seat.

in the car.

out in the yard when I’m moving the lawn.

and most times when I find one or two or several of them together, I’m annoyed.

annoyed that the kids didn’t throw them in the trash.

but really I’m more annoyed that my kids have to use these strips multiple times each day.

all because of diabetes.

the finger pokes, the tests, the highs, the lows, the injection.

and that little strip reminds me each time I find it what my kids deal with each day.

then, I remember.

without that strip, we’d have no idea how high or low their blood sugar is.

we’d have no way to know the best amount of insulin to give them to help control their diabetes.

and I’m thankful.

thankful for those annoying little strips.

and for the hope we have that with them (and with the use of carb counting and insulin too!), my kids are able to manage this disease.

so I guess I don’t mind finding those little strips all over the house.

but would it be too much to ask for them to throw them in the trash can every once in a while?!

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2 thoughts on “those little strips

  1. My daughter is off at college and I still find them. Somedays it makes me what to cry when I find them and realize how many times she has had to make herself bleed. Other days I just wish she would throw the in the trash so I wouldn’t have to.

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