an anniversary


May 19, 2012 by matt bortmess

Today marks the one year anniversary of our 11 year old’s T1 diagnosis.

Colin had been having a couple of months of head-aches and feeling ‘off’,’ but we attributed it to his already known seasonal allergies. Having missed his yearly physical by six months, my wife, who happens to be a nurse, decided she wanted to get a baseline before starting the shots. So she called and scheduled the physical appointment on the Monday before shots were to begin on Friday. Thursday afternoon, after a routine urine test followed by blood work, we were leaving the doctor’s office appointment to head to St Louis for admission to Children’s Hospital with a diagnosis of Type 1 diabetes.

It was such a shock to us. This was not on our radar at all. Looking back, his symptoms were completely different from our daughter’s when she was diagnosed. She was thirsty all the time. And then peeing all the time. We didn’t notice any of that in Colin. But once we were at the hospital and he began receiving insulin, we realized that what we had mistaken for allergies was his pancreas failing to produce the insulin his body needed (side note: yes, his seasonal allergies are still present…however, not so extreme that we’ve need to do shots).

He took it in stride…much better than his mom and I. He was used to helping his sister with carb counting and insulin injections. The education aspect was nothing new for him. And honestly, he has done amazing this past year adjusting to living with diabetes.

He is brave and adventurous, and this diagnosis hasn’t stopped him from doing all the things he loves to do. I am so proud of Colin and how he has handled it all. Next week he makes the switch to pump therapy. And he couldn’t be more excited.

One year ago…and so began life with two children with Type 1 diabetes.


2 thoughts on “an anniversary

  1. It will be 12 years in a couple of week since my daughter was diagnosed. I can’t remember my anniversary or my friends birthdays but that is a day I never forget. The good news is that it has been 12 years and my daughter is just finished her freshman year in college her A1c are excellent and she is completely healthy expect for that whole pancreas thing. She keeps a blog at about her life in college with her diabetic alert dog. Good luck with both your children and happy anniversary, I hope you have many, many more.

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